Wedding Catering

Bespoke menu planning, wedding coordination and management

So, you’ve put a ring on it, and now you’re planning the biggest day of your life. Congratulations love birds. You’ve said, ‘I do’. Now we will too.

Helios Catering is true romantics. We understand that your big day is one of the most important days in your life. We also know you’ve much to arrange between the ‘To do’ list and the ‘I do’ declaration so, to make things easier, we also help you in wedding coordination and management to take you every step of the way, from our very own wedding event room, décor and necessary set-up and trusted partners in styling, venue hire, all-inclusive wedding packages, to help manage commitments and tie your knot together perfectly and hassle free.

Whatever your occasion, be it a big birthday, or just that evening with family and friends you’ve been meaning to do for months, we are there for you. Our private catering service takes into account all the factors that you consider when planning your party. That means: the budget (big or small), the size, the setting, and what you want to achieve with your special social event.

Helios Catering tries not to cry too much at weddings because it makes the dishes salty. What we have no trouble doing, however, is promising that you, and your guests, are treated like royalty.

We know that weddings need to be both personal, and just perfect, to make our brides/ grooms happy, so we have a number of options for you including all your requirements.

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