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Helios Catering knows what you want that your party to be just perfect. Years of experience in private catering mean we know exactly how to do that. We will bring our creativity to provide you with a totally unique service. Tell us your plans and we will go to the ideas kitchen to create a menu experience for your event. We will deliver finger food that spark conversation and bring people together. Whatever your occasion, be it a big birthday, or just that evening with family and friends you’ve been meaning to do for months, we are there for you. Our private catering service takes into account all the factors that you consider when planning your party. That means: the budget (big or small), the size, the setting, and what you want to achieve with your special social event. We have an eclectic range of food presentations, including canapés, assorted food platters, afternoon tea and coffees, refreshments and boxed bites, so there is plenty to choose from.

Helios Catering can also provide friendly and efficient staff who arrive always with a smile and a great attitude. We also have a fantastic selection of wines, Champagnes, signature cocktails, pastries, event space and, well, everything you need, but don’t have time to research.
We are happy to bring our ideas to your home and put a face to our business. For large events we would also love to arrange a tasting and a site visit to go over the plan of action.

Cost Calculator – We will help you work out quantities and generate an estimate for your event.

Call us – Why not call us on +355684074605 to discuss your requirements, our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

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