About Us

Helios Gastronomi is the first Albanian enterpreneurship that provides professional services in the art of cooking. For 17 years we have been serving you on parties, weddings, birthdays, events and inaugurations, transforming them into unforgettable memories. Thanks to your trust, we have built brand loyalty! We are presently introducing some services in the field of Gastronomi, Helios Restaurant, Helios Catering, Helios Venue, Helios Patisserie, Helios Delivery and Helios Take Away. The founders of the company have a long experience in the food and hospitality industry. Their experience and professionalism is seen in every detail of the work process and services we offer.


We cater you enjoy our dishes everywhere, fresh and of perfect quality, because in the end, when everything is said and done, is the food and service that you remember!


Our mission is to turn every ordinary event into an extraordinary Gastronomic experience. We do not compromise on quality and our signature guarantees. Your health matters, so we always take care of using only local products, which are controlled, no preservatives and unconventional and in harmony with nature.

Perfection is a virtue, not everyone searches for it..
Seeking the unattainable is a value, not everyone can possess.

Possessing the beauty, not everyone dares.

To be always punctual, not everyone can reach.

From the temple of taste radiates an added value to all of your events.
Catering is our journey for an incomparable quality.
The importance of our existence is attention to detail.
We sparkle and shine your events like the Sun for a decade and a half!
When it comes to catered events experience, no one comes close to Helios Gastronomi

Contact us to discuss your event via phone or write us through the contact form. An event specialist is at your disposal and will assist you in every detail.

Why Us?

Events that happen in our hall”




Variety on Menu Options

Taste Combinations


Professional Service



I trusted my wedding to Helios Catering. The menu was perfect and the service was great. Thank you!

R. Golemi

I was highly recommended to take Helios Catering services for my birthday and I acknowledge it was the best choice for me. Everything was carefully curated, down to the last detail.

D. Koka

My friends surprised me with a Baby Shower party at the Helios event room. The ambience, decor, and food variety added more happiness to my daughter’s expectation.


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