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Our sweet spot is the combination of menus to satisfy all the tastes and stylish set up of the catering table. We cater for every detail so that you can enjoy your party.

We keep high standards of cooking using only fresh products.

Helios Catering is a leading Albanian events and contract catering company that delivers first-class food every time. We know how to have fun with food, from the hob, to the job, and we want to bring the party to you. We cater for every occasion, from corporate business lunches to lively Christmas parties, client entertaining, to engagement and wedding parties, to anniversary celebrations.

At Helios Catering, we subscribe to the Holy Grail of gastronomy: the triple SSS. That’s ‘Seasonal’, ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Sourced locally’. Adding a dash of creativity to fresh ingredients, we devise personalised menus that match your event perfectly. Expect delicious, photogenic.

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Helios Catering brings to you all the necessary Set-up. You can be assured that no event is too big or complicated for our team at Helios Catering.

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Fresh catering comes close to your environment. Special cooking to fit the décor. Business dinner, a birthday party, or an elegant gala, our staff is committed to providing you with an impressive service and a delicious menu wherever your party is.